About Encore

As former members of the PCC, the retirement of Susan and Allen Pote served as an impetus for us to think about the organization and its future. We quickly realized the void of alumni involvement, engagement and connection. Thus, Encore was born.

After informal conversations, we met with Alex Gartner, the new Artistic Director, and proposed the PCC Alumni Association consisting of past PCC members who wish to continue to support the organization.

Our mission is to reconnect alumni to the organization and support it in a number of ways:
Strengthen communication between alumni and the PCC including information on events, performances, tours, volunteer needs, and programs.
Develop alumni specific programs that foster past, present, and future relationships and provide opportunities for networking and social engagements.
Provide financial support to the PCC and its programs.

With former PCC members spanning all ages, industries, and locations, we hope the alumni association can also be a place for members to connect with each other.

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